Let me teach you a new tune
With a deep-rooted passion for digital learning, I launched Transpose Media to deliver exceptional learning solutions and engaging experiences across a wide range of diverse projects.

- Tony Jones / Transpose Media

About Me

I am a digital learning specialist with over twenty five years’ experience in designing, developing and delivering digital learning projects for the public and private sector.

Throughout my career I have utilised my creative and educational skills to scope and produce engaging and interactive training experiences that captivate the user and facilitate learning. This is fuelled by a genuine interest in helping people to learn and access information easily.

Spanning various sectors such as aerospace, defense, oil and gas, healthcare, and social care, I derive immense satisfaction from crafting bespoke learning solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. The challenge of collaborating with diverse clients and industries fuels my passion for developing exceptional learning experiences.

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Strengths and Attributes

Why Work With Me?


Extensive Experience

Over 25 years working in the digital learning industry with public and private sector organisations on a diverse array of projects.


End-to-End Support

Capable of guiding organisations through every stage of their digital learning projects, from scoping and instructional design to content development, media creation, and systems implementation.


Comfortable with Technical Content

Degree in Civil Engineering, and experienced in working on technical projects for science, engineering, aerospace and medical industries.


Flexible Content Mastery

Confidently handle a wide range of training topics, from soft skills development and compliance training, to technical instruction and software proficiency.


Creative Mindset

Ability to infuse my creative flair throughout the project, introducing innovative ideas and techniques to captivate learners.


Project Management

Strong organisational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines effectively.


Stakeholder Management

Experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders, building strong relationships throughout the digital learning project lifecycle.


Wide Professional Network

Capacity to call upon an extensive network of learning professionals, graphic designers, 3D artists, programmers, and voice-over artists.


Welsh Language

As a first language Welsh speaker, I am comfortable working in both Welsh and English.

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