LMS Implementation

A learning management system (LMS) was sourced, customised, implemented and launched whilst working for a research and technology organisation.

After working with colleagues in the business to analyse what the organisation required from an LMS, a suitable system was selected and acquired. Custom branding was created, to give the system a unique identity. The system was then configured and implemented, whilst working closely with the HR, L&D and IT departments. Existing content was ported over to the new system, and external content was moved over from third party systems.

A launch webinar was held to inform all staff of the benefits of the new system, and allow them to ask any questions and propose future additions. Admin staff were then trained on how to use the various administration and reporting elements of the system, whereas members of the digital learning team were trained in the management of the system and troubleshooting.

  • Research and Technology
  • LMS, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere
  • Needs Analysis, Project Scoping, LMS Implementation and Configuration, Staff Training
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